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Welcome to Astria Toppenish Hospital! We are pleased that you and your physician have selected us to provide your medical care. It is our mission to provide every patient with compassionate, quality-focused care. This section of our website includes important patient related information regarding Astria Toppenish Hospital.  

Personal items and valuables  

We recommend that you bring a few items from home to make your stay here a little more comfortable, including comfortable shorts and shirts, pillows and slippers. We advise that you do not bring valuables with you (expensive jewelry, watches, credit cards and cash). However, any valuables that accompany you may be stored in the hospital safe. All valuables retained in the possession of the patient are done so at their own risk.

Upon your arrival

Under most circumstances, your physician will coordinate with the hospital to schedule the date of your surgery or procedure.  Upon arrival, please check in at the Admitting Desk at your scheduled check-in time. The Admitting Desk is located in the Emergency Lobby.   

We ask that you bring the following information with you in order to expedite the admission process: 

  • A picture ID, such as a driver’s license
  • Your insurance card
  • Your contact information (addresses and phone numbers)
  • Your identifying information (date of birth and social security number)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Medical history, including current medications
  • Physician orders, if given to you
  • Your Advance Directives, if you have one prepared   

Mail, flowers and gifts  

Mail can be sent to patients at the following addresses:   
Name and room # 
Astria Toppenish Hospital
502 W. 4th Ave
Toppenish, WA 98948

Telephone number

Telephones are provided in each room with some exceptions. Your family and friends may reach you by dialing (509) 865-1500 and ask to be connected to your room number. For your own comfort and that of other patients, we ask that you restrict your incoming calls to the hours between 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.    

Your hospital team 

We take great pride in our team of medical professionals at Astria Toppenish Hospital. During your stay, each of these individuals will provide you with the finest care possible, and will work together to ensure that your treatment is well coordinated.   

At least one physician will be assigned to your case to follow your progress on a daily basis. If the need should arise, other physicians may be called as well. If you are admitted for a non-surgical condition, one of our Hospitalist physicians (a physician specially trained in hospital care) may be directing your care. These physicians provide care specifically in the hospital.                

Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and patient care technicians are all included on our nursing staff. Your nursing team will include all of these members who will work together to meet your needs and maximize your comfort. 

Care managers
Our care managers are registered nurses charged with assisting you when you are discharged or transferred to another health care environment. 

Our registered dietitians assure proper nutrition during your stay and are available to provide special instructions and education regarding nutrition following your discharge. If you have special dietary needs, these professionals will work with you as well as others involved in preparing your daily meals. 

Ancillary staff 
Other staff members with whom you may come into contact include radiology technologists, physical therapists, laboratory technologists, dietary hostesses and housekeepers.   

The Volunteers at Astria Toppenish Hospital graciously donate their time and energy into assisting in the delivery of care to our patients. They staff our information desks and gift shop, transport patients, and deliver mail, activities, reading materials, movies and flowers to our patients.

Going home

Your physician will meet with you and determine that you are ready to be discharged. Feel free to ask any questions regarding your condition or care after discharge at this time. You may need to receive additional treatments or medication prior to discharge and may have to wait until all treatment is complete. 

You will receive written discharge instructions from your nurse including medication information and follow up instructions relevant to your condition. Please take the time to review all instructions and ask your nurse to clarify any concerns you have. 

You or your designee will be required to meet with a financial representative.

Please review this checklist of discharge goals and evaluate your readiness:

  • Discharge instruction papers
  • Medication guidelines
  • Prescriptions
  • Clothing
  • Personal items
  • Wheelchairs, walkers, canes
  • Home health care information
  • Retrieve valuables
  • Your own medications

How to obtain copies of your medical record

A specific authorization currently signed and dated by the patient (or legal representative) after treatment is required before copies of the medical record can be released. Requests for medical records of recent hospital discharges will take 14 days to process. Blank authorization forms are available by calling the following phone number: (509) 865-1585

Thank You!  It has been our pleasure to care for you during your hospital stay.  

The public may contact The Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring to report any concerns or register complaints about a Joint Commission accreditted health care organization by either calling (800) 994-6610 or emailing